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Clangeddin Silverbeard, pronounced (clan-gedh-din sihl-vur-beard), was the dwarven deity of battle and honour in warfare. He was known as the the Father of Battle and the Lord of the Twin Axes. His holy symbol was two crossed battleaxes.[3] He delighted in battle, although he did not tolerate treachery or deceit, and he expected his followers to do the same. He and his followers hated giants and trained their fellow dwarves in special ways to fight them.[citation needed]

The domains associated with him were: Dwarf, Good, Law, Strength, and War, and his favored weapon was the battleaxe.[2]

He was also a lawful good exarch of Moradin.[1]


Clangeddin's clerics, known as alaghor ("Those who demonstrate valor in battle") taught and learnt the art of forging armour and weapons, and practiced military training each day. Though they sought to make their dwarven brethren stronger on the battlefield through their teachings, followers of Clangeddin were often viewed as little more than bloodthirsty barbarians among other races.[2]

Clangeddin's priests wore silver war helms and chain mail. He was worshiped before and during battle and weapons were sacrificed to him in honor.[citation needed]


"The finest hours of dwarvenkind come in the thrusts and feints of war. Seize the opportunity to defend your kin and ensure their victory wherever conflict erupts. Revel in the challenge of a good fight, and never waver in the face of adversity, no matter how ominous. Lives should never be thrown away foolishly, but the greatest honour is to sacrifice oneself on the field of battle in service to a righteous cause. When not fighting prepare for next conflict physically, tactically, and by acquiring resources. Attack hill giants whenever possible and other evil giants whenever necessary."[3]



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