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An orcish claw bracer is the signature weapon of Luthic. She fights bare-handed with her claws because only the males of the community are allowed to wield a weapon. In passive respect to the Cave Mother, males ignore the use of a claw bracer.

Weapon DetailsEdit

The claw's sharp claws are a dangerous slashing weapon. The end of the claws "nails" hook savagely inward into a piercing weapon. The hooked end is generally used for grappling as orc women are not trained in how to fight and typical fights among orc women involve scratching, slapping, hair-pulling, wrestling with minimal punching or weapon play. However if an orc woman is forced to fight, expect it to be an "extremely feral fight." This is especially true if she is fighting in the defense of her "home".

Special ManeuversEdit

The claw bracer may be designed to work as a locked gauntlet and have small chains and braces that allow the wearer to attach it to the arm so it cannot be dropped easily. The bracers make it more difficult for the user to be disarmed in combat. Spellcasting, or other delicate skills, were impossible if a claw bracer was locked on the wrist.



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