Cloak of bravery was a divine conjuration spell that protected up to four creatures from all forms of fear. The reverse of this spell, known as cloak of fear, gave one creature an aura of fear.[1][2]


Cloak of bravery could be cast on one to four creatures, although the fewer the targets, the better the protection. This was a one-use spell, that lasted up to eight hours or until the subject was exposed to a fear effect, which ever occurred first. This spell gave an increased chance to resist scare, fear, emotion, the fear aura of dragons, etc.[1][2]

Cloak of fear could only be applied to one creature and it surrounded the target with an aura of fear out to a radius of 3 ft (0.9 m). The recipient could choose to turn off and on this aura at will, but the effect could only be used once. If not used before eight hours had passed, then the spell expired. All creatures that entered the circle of fear and did not resist the magic of this spell fled in panic (possibly dropping whatever they were holding) for up to 16 minutes. Undead creatures were not affected by this spell.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the caster was required to touch the willing recipients. The material component for cloak of bravery was a feather from a hawk, or eagle. For the cloak of fear it was the tail feathers of a vulture or a chicken.[1][2]


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