Cloak of dark power was an abjuration spell unique to clerics with the Drow domain. It created a dusky haze around the subject that counteracted the effects of sunlight on the drow.[1][2]


Cloak of dark power caused a dim gray haze to envelop the target creature, which light bent around. The creature thus appeared to stand in a patch of eerie, shifting darkness.[2] Applied only to a single person for several minutes, the dusky haze protected that person and all they carried from the harmful effects of full sunlight, if they suffered any. This functioned even in full daylight under the open sky, and did not obscure normal vision. For example, a drow was not blinded or dazzled by bright light.[1][2]

The cloak of dark power also provided resistance against spells that employed light or darkness.[1][2]


The spell required verbal and somatic components.[1][2]


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