The Cloister of St. Uzurr was a temple of Ilmater that lay at the heart of city of Uzurr in Lapaliiya and was home to the Order of St. Uzurr.


It was founded during the time of the Shoon Imperium (27450 DR), when Ilmatari missionaries of the Order of St. Uzurr traveled from Calimshan to Lapaliiya. On a hilltop west of the Lapal Way, they constructed a walled monastery with a cloister, named the Cloister of St. Uzurr after their patron saint. In the following centuries, a city grew up around the monastery, which became known simply as "Uzurr".[2]

A member of the Order was a spy working for the yuan-ti House Eselemas and reported on Kadar's research into curing tainted ones and broodguards. In response, yuan-ti purebloods began infiltrating Uzurr on Eleasias 1, the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, with the aim of assassinating Kadar.[3][3][4]


Both the monastery and the city were governed by the Abbot of St. Uzurr. Circa 1372 DR, this was Abbot Kadar al Ilmater.[2]


The Order, Cloister, and city cultivated, produced and exported olives, wines, and assorted spices to support themselves.[2]


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