Cloud giants were a race of giants who preferred living among the clouds.[3]


Cloud giants' skin ranged in color from milky white to light sky blue. Their hair was silvery white or brass, and their eyes were iridescent blue. Adult males were about 18 feet tall and weighed about 5,000 pounds. Cloud giants preferred to wear fine clothing and jewelry.[3]

Cloud giants had vision that extended into the infrared, (although this was not infravision,) which allowed them to see particularly well through fog and cloud. They also had an excellent sense of smell.[4] They spoke Jotunskye and Jotun.[5]


Cloud giants all possessed some control over their namesake, being able to summon forth a cloud of fog and mist at will.[3]


These giants preferred to live in the tallest mountains or even higher if possible. Those with magical talents often create floating castles or cities[citation needed] in which to dwell, held aloft in the sky atop a mass of clouds.[3]

Cloud giants often kept dire lions as pets or guardians.[3]



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