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Cloud of daggers was a simple spell learned by some wizards. Upon casting the wizards cloud of daggers conjured a cloud of small, flying daggers of force within an area of roughly five feet in diameter, within fifty feet of the caster. These daggers cut to shreds anything in their path, though they were weak enough that more powerful foes may be lightly harmed. The cloud remained in place for only a short while, a brief moment at best, but since the wizard could cast it at-will it could be reformed at any time. If a wizard grew to exceptional power, the dangerous of wading into a cloud of daggers become twice fold.[2]

The post sundering version of the spell was much the same except if used as a higher spell level it would have been even more powerful. This version also was not restricted too the wizard and could be cast at a range of 90 feet.


Verbal and somatic components and a silver of glass.[3]

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