The Cloven Shield was a loud inn and tavern in Marsember, Cormyr.[2]


The tavern was situated on the island immediately south of Morningmist Hall in the Cormyrian area.[3]


Upon entering the inn, customers passed under a sign painted with a shield broken in two, and found a place designed for drinking and partying into the late hours.[1]


Even though the building was falling apart and the guests were noisy, the establishment offered fair quality food at a cheap price.[4] Used by adventurers as well as Zhentarim, the Cult of the Dragon, and those from Thay, fights and brawls broke out almost every night. Many of these unsavory customers were looking to hire mercenaries and others of ill repute.[1]


Large rooms could be rented per night for 10 gp (including stabling and meals for nine people).[citation needed]





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