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Cobble was a dwarven cleric in Mithral Hall.[1]


He was a squat and round dwarf with a short yellow beard.[1]


The dwarven cleric was said to be strong in magic and have deep insight into the world.[3]


In 1357 DR, Bruenor Battlehammer gave him the title Holy Cleric of the Hall.[1]


In 1357 DR, the Companions of the Hall delved deep into Mithral Hall searching for Drizzt Do'Urden after Bruenor discovered Artemis Entreri was masquerading as Regis.[4] While hunting for Drizzt, Cobble saw metal shavings on the floor and realized a spell trap. He shouted for the others to fall back but was crushed to death beneath a wall of solid iron cast by Vierna Do'Urden.[2]





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