The coiled dragon was a magical chalice. It was one of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, a collection of magical vessels created by the Han people of Koryo in ancient times.[1][2]


Carved in the shape of a dragon coiled around the bowl, the vessel was huge at 1 foot (30.48 cm) wide, but it was very shallow.[1][2]


When filled with liquid silver (that is, mercury[2]) and a single drop of blood from the one who would use it, the pool of silver became a mirror revealing any sight in Kara-Tur from the perspective of the Celestial Heavens above. Through concentration, the viewer could direct the mirror to anywhere in the land, whether to seek something out to or to spy.[1][2]


As perhaps the greatest of the Wo-ha Ui-jung, the coiled dragon's powers had most likely at one stage influenced the history of Koryo.

History recorded the Chinhan people as the last to hold the coiled dragon in around the 7th century before Dalereckoning, but it had been lost for two millennia by the 14th century DR.[1][2]



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