The Coin of Jisan the Bountiful was an artifact that bestowed great wealth and long life upon its owner. It took the shape of a simple gold coin, and was connected with the Zakharan deity Jisan.[1]


The Coin of Jisan was a small gold coin adorned on both sides by a veiled female face—the symbol of Jisan,[1] Zakharan goddess of fertility and productivity.[2]


The owner of the Coin of Jisan grew generally more skillful, especially in regards to mercantile affairs. Their business never suffered any ill fortune, their crops were bountiful, and their livestock exclusively gave birth to twins. In addition, they gained the ability to cast certain spells: suggestion, plant growth, and—occasionally—weather control.[1]

The power of the Coin was intended to be shared—greedy usage resulted in a curse being placed on its owner. This curse increased its victims hunger proportionally to their greed: a person who had abused the Coin of Jisan to amass great personal wealth and power would find themselves having to devour extreme quantities of food, tea, and coffee. The only way to be rid of the curse was to give the Coin to a stranger.[1]


As old as the goddess for whom it was named, the Coin of Jisan was coveted and feared by several powerful groups. Several caliphs found themselves the subject of revolts led by popular Coin owners. Wiser caliphs chose to ally with bearers of the Coin instead, by marrying their daughters away.[1]

The Coin of Jisan was especially coveted by the dao of Zakhara, who were eager to steal its power for themselves. It was also an object of interest to the holy slayers of the Gilded Palm.[1]

Despite the interest of these powerful entities, the Coin was carried by worshipers of Jisan for most of its history, although it was never known to have had the same owner for more than seven years at a time.[1]


The Coin of Jisan was said to be given to its owners by Jisan, or by Fate itself. It was well known for bestowing prosperity, wisdom, and fertility on its bearers.[1]



Three possible ways to destroy the Coin of Jisan the Bountiful are suggested in Book of Artifacts: having it crushed under the heel of a tanar'ri in a famine-stricken land, dissolving it in the waters of the river Styx, or being bitten in half by a thief with no desires.[1]


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