The Cold Wood was a forest on the edge of the Silver Marches.[2] By about 1460 DR, the Moonwood had grown together with the Cold Wood and the larger forest was known as the Glimmerwood.[3]


It was located between the Spine of the World, Rauvin Mountains, and Ice Mountains.[4] A wild place, the Cold Wood was largely untouched by civilization; most woodcutters and homesteaders avoided it.[2]


The forest was full of pine, birch, and spruce trees.[1]


Snow tigers, orcs, ettins, and a bebilith have been known to roam the Cold Wood.[1] The Uthgardt barbarians hunted in the area, but would not cut any living tree or kept fires to a minimum to protect the forest. The Red Tiger Tribe considered the northern part of the wood their territory. Several bands of outcasts from Uthgardt society were known to live around the area as well.[2]

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