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Collectors are a special type of scavenger found in the city of Sigil. They and their group focus on the recovery of bodies on the streets and understreets of Sigil. Their leader was Pharod until his slaying by the shades that chased the Nameless One.

After collection, a body, or "deader" in the cant of the Collectors, is taken to the Mortuary for disposal. Money is paid to the Collectors by the Dustmen, the caretakers of the Mortuary.

Appearance and SkillsEdit

Collectors are typically seen in nondescript gray or tan robes. They are lightly armed with daggers, and typically wear no armor. Their fighting skills are not even of the proficient level, though there are exceptions.


Collectors can be of any alignment, as corpses couldn't care less who collects them. Sometimes, evil aligned Collectors attempt to hasten the death of a person, to collect a body that much sooner. Typically, these corpses are stripped of anything remotely valuable before their sale to the Dustmen.

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