Color spray was a spell used by wizards that, when cast, created a vivid cone [3] or fan shape [4][7] of clashing colors which sprang forth from the caster's hand or implement.[3] Enemies hit were not only injured lightly by the sheer power of the magical light, but are also dazed into a momentary stupor. Prior to the Spellplague, the spell was more versatile and could cause creatures to become stunned, blinded, or possibly knock them unconscious. The spell was also used by sorcerers and contrary to its use afterwards, could only be cast a number of times per day that the caster had either prepared for it or had the energy left for spellcasting.[3]

After the Spellplague, the spell, while difficult enough in use to require a short rest from its caster before being used again, became usable many more times per day.[2] The post sundering version of the spell was much like the older versions except it only blinded creatures and the large amount of damage it caused was all laid on the targets one after the other until all the damage was dealt out. This version also became more powerful if used with a higher spell level.[8]


Verbal and somatic components where needed and small amounts of powder or sand of the colors: red, yellow and blue.[7][4][3][8] Only the spellplague version had no need for components.

If a hydrophane gem was added as a material component, it decreased the chance that targets would resist the magic of this spell.[9]


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