The common bloodrose was a flowering plant that could be found growing in the Rose Garden of the Battle of Bones.[1]


This plant produced medium sized flowers that were the color of blood. The bush was well-thorned and had dark green stems with dark leaves.[1]


Despite its name, the common bloodrose was anything but common due to its sensitivity to extreme temperatures. Some kind of magical force probably sustained it within the Rose Garden and the fickle temperature swings of the Battle of Bones.[1]

These plants were rumored to be originally cultivated by a group of clerics living near Teziir. The plants were presented to the Lord of Suzail and never appeared in the wild until 1100 DR, the Year of the Bloodrose. None of these plants survived to the next year. Even those taken indoors perished.[1]

Adorning your clothing with a bloodrose was a sign of elite or wealthy status.[1]



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