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Most players in our world simply use Common as a direct translation from whatever language they speak. However, certain words are different, as demonstrated by the following list.


Alae: - Fortunate Meeting (Contraction of an elven phrase). a greeting (and reassurance of peaceful intentions) between travelers in the southern and eastern coastlands around The Sea of Fallen Stars.


Badaulder: - Balderdash, hogwash, nonsense, etc.

Bluefin: - Tuna

Blusterwing: - Grouse

Boar: - Pig(animal)

Broadleaf: - Kale

Browncap: - Wild mushroom

Burslake (or simply slake): - Trout

Bustard: - Turkey


Codloose winker: - Lecher


Darburl: - Angry

Darkblade: - Mercenary with dubious morals and/or loyalty

Doorguard: - A guard that guards a doorway of a building.[1]

Durgos: - Peace (Corrupted from the orc "Durgreos"). Used by mongrelmen and human slavers.


Fieldings: - Vegetables

Fireseared: - Grilled

Flamed: - Seared


Galad!: - Heartlands word meaning something akin to "Gadzooks!" or "Zounds!"

Glim: - Eyecatchingly beautiful or flashy.

Goldenpanned: - Sautéed

Gulletfire: - Bad beer or wine.


Haularake: - God-damnit.

Hiresword: - Mercenary

Hrast (or the southern hrammar): - Damn


Kell: - Try (derisive, cynical or disbelieving), when the thing you are trying to do seems impossible; "I'm going to kell swim up that waterfall!" "You kell steal from there?!" (kell never changes due to tense)

Knuckle or thumbknuckle: - Brussels sprout


Lalandath: - Agile, sleek or lithe, often used to describe female dancers whose beauty is accentuated by their movements.

Lammath Drios: - Fortune find you. Parting used in Essembra and the surrounding lands (except Sembia as they see it as a word only used by bumpkins).


Naeth/naed (or the southern orbal): - Dung (exclamation)

Navalar: - Catfish


Plounce: - Squab

Parharding: - A swear word used as an adjective ("Parharding wizard!")[2]


Rhambukkya: - Ride High. Greeting used by Shaaryan nomads

Rivvim: - Lust or lusty


Sabruin: - Get lost or up yours (v. harsh)

Scorchkettle: - Woman who quickly mouths off to those who raise her ire.

Shaeling: - Minnow

Sheelie: - Bass

Shield: - Pastry crust

Silverfin: - Whitefish

Skaether: - Restaurant

Sorn: - Salmon

Spear (also known as greenneedles[3]): - Asparagus

Spurnarmor: - Well-endowed man or woman with a spectacular figure.

Stettar Voh: - God's power keep you well. Formal greeting used by merchants of the Shining South.

Stlarn: - Polite equivalent of F-word (about as blasphemous as "darn" used where we might say "screw" or "screwing" (stlarning) "They can't kell anything without stlarning up!", "Stlarning bandits!"


Tantam: - Greeting used by northern merchants and followers of Waukeen.

Thael: - Glad, pleasant or heart-lifting

Throatslake: - Unpleasant, but otherwise healthy and thirst-quenching drink.

Turnshield: - Polite cormyrean term for bastard.


Vasark: - Horsemeat

Vlandranna: - Gods grant (used in conjunction with with whatever you want the gods to grant you) used by those living on and around the Sea of Fallen Stars.


Watchwolf: - A guard.[4]


Zzar: - Ice wine


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