The Company of Hunnar were a mercenary company based in Riatavin in Amn around 1358 DR, specialized in siege warfare, usually in concert with other mercenary units.[1]



The Company was divided into three units: 100 men-of-arms expert in siege weapons like catapults, ballistae, rams, and bores; 50 fighters and thieves expert in destroying wall with ladders, siege towers, and other means; and 50 sappers who dug underneath.[1]


The Company changed prices depending on which building need to be broken: 200 gold pieces for a keep, 500 gp for a castle, and 1,000–2,000 gp for a city. For 500 gp, they acted as advisors for cities and castle that wanted protection from siege.[1]


They were commanded by Hunnar.[1]



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