The Company of the Bright Spear was a band of mercenaries.


The group was decimated in a battle with a large party of cult members.


They often did business with the folk of Highmoon.


The Company of the Bright Spear were six in number. The tall warrior Burlane bore the magical Bright Spear and led the company. A younger bladesman rode with him, the merry Ferostil. Delg Hammerhand, a dwarf, was also a warrior. His constant companion was the bard Rymel, probably the brightest of them all. The wizard Thail deferred to his younger, louder companions. Last and least of the company was the thief, one Shandril Shessair, a bright-eyed, soft-spoken waif in ill-fitting old breeches and a much-patched tunic.[1]





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