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Conoptora Billon was a human man of the city of Tsurlagol in the Vast.[1][2]


Conoptora was a mage and member of the Council, a governing body consisting of Tsurlagol's highest nobles and leading merchant lords. By 1367 DR, he had been chosen by the Council for the position of the Ven's Voice, serving as spokesman and adviser for the Ven, the secret ruler of the city.

He was ambitious and planned for Tsurlagol to move out from under its ally Procampur's shadow and develop on its own to rival and overtake the other cities of the Vast. In particular, he wanted Tsurlagol to beat Ravens Bluff at attracting traders, adventurers, and other sources of wealth. It was unknown if the Ven shared these plans.[1][2]

Conoptora still held the position in 1370 DR.[2]


Conoptora was acquisitive and adventurous.[1][2]


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