Constable's Tower was an imposing keep with a tall tower, standing high over the town of Dagger Falls.[1]


The tower stood at the highest point in town within the walls, on the north side, opposite the Forest Gate.[4]


Constable's Tower was a fortified keep with a tall, crenelated round tower. Its already daunting height made all the more impressive as it sat 100ft above the atop a hill known as the Spur. It was noted as the largest of its sort between the Citadel of the Raven and Cormyr. Crowning the central keep are once-deadly ballistae and mangonels.[5]

Protruding to the east and west of the tower were two wooden gallery wings, each covered with slate shingle and metal plates to ensure they are protected from fires. At the end of these wings are are balconies.[5]

Beneath the Tower are numerous cellars and dungeons, some of which even have secret passages connecting to the tomb of Colderan Morn and eventually the Underdark.[6]

After the death of its last owner, Ilthond, the stronghlold had been affected by some strange persistent magical effect that made the tower unlivable; blasts of elemental energy occurred randomly and the resulting damage was subsequently repaired by another recurring magical effect in a never-ending cycle.[5]


Rebuilt many times over the centuries, this once-isolated keep belonged to Colderan Morn in the times before Zhent rule.[1][3]

The tower became known as the Constable's Tower during the period of Zhentish occupation under Constable Tren Noemfor after 1353 DR.[3] However, in 1369 DR,[2], the wizard Ilthond claimed the tower as his own and during a magical battle with the demi-shade, Gothyl, he was killed. Since then the tower was subjected to bizarre cycles of magic.[5]

As of 1372 DR, Lord Randal Morn was interested in taking over the tower as his seat of power. To this end he offered 5,000 gold pieces, land, and title to anyone who could make the keep habitable once more.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Supposedly, at least half a dozen potent archmages have attempted to investigate Constable's tower but have either fled or died from the tower's wild magic. Among these was said to include Vangerdahast Aeiulvana of Cormyr.[7]

Notable InhabitantsEdit


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