Constructs are either animated objects or any type of artificially constructed creatures. Most constructs are non-intelligent automotons with neither a soul nor a purpose beyond the service of their creator. Because few constructs are truly alive, usually operated only by a "spark" of life, most constructs are immune to attacks that target the living. These "dead" constructs possess low-light vision and darkvision and are immune to mind-altering, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease-related, and death effects. Neither do these constructs require sleep or take part in any metabolic activities, such as eating or breathing.[1]

The major exception to this rule are living constructs, which include warforged.[1]

Types of ConstructsEdit

Crawling ClawsEdit

Main article: Crawling claw

These constructs are masses of amputated left humanoid hands.


Main article: Golem

These constructs are an amalgam of several types of magically created combatants with incredible defenses.

Helmed HorrorEdit

Main article: Helmed horror

These constructs are animated suits of plate mail armor.


Main article: Homunculus

These small constructs are created to aid spellcasters.


Main article: Inevitable

These constructs come from Dweomerheart.

Shield GuardianEdit

Main article: Shield guardian

These large constructs serve to protect wizards.

Tomb TappersEdit

Main article: Tomb tapper

These constructs were long ago creations of Netheril.

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