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Continual darkness was an alteration spell that created an area of perpetual darkness impermeable to normal light.[2][3][8] The reverse of this spell, continual light, created a permanently sun-bright area.[2][3][9]


The effects of this spell were similar to darkness, creating an area of no light up to 120 ft (36.6 m) away surrounding a central point out to a 60 ft (18.3 m) radius.[2][3][9] It could be cast at a point in the air, onto an object, or possibly a creature. If successfully cast on the visual organs of a creature, it was effectively blinded.[2][3][8] The spell was permanent until dispelled by the caster, a dispel magic spell, or an equal or stronger light spell was cast on it.[2][3][8]

The illusionist version of this spell had half the range and half the radius of the divine version, and was not reversible (although they were able to cast a separate continual light spell).[10]

Continual darkness countered light spells of equal or lesser power, and vice versa.[2][3][8]

This spell eventually consumed the material it was cast upon, but dense, hard, or expensive materials (like gems) could last hundreds to thousands of years.[2][3]

Sinhala stones were known to prevent magical darkness.[11]


The divine version of this spell only required verbal and somatic components to cast. The material component was the substance it was cast upon: air, an object, a structure, or a creature.[2][3][9] For the illusionist version, a tuft of bat fur and either a drop of pitch or a small chunk of coal was needed in addition to verbal and somatic components.[10]


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