Conyberry Arms was a smithy run by ex-adventurer, Martin von Mensch.[1]


The weaponshop was located in Conyberry west of the town of Triboar in the Northwest Faerûn.[2]


Martin von Mensch ran a smithy of sorts.[3] He sold poor quality weapons and it was not uncommon for his goods to be broken at the first swing of a goblin's sword. Martin also specialized in cheap blacksmithing, like making shoddy horseshoes, or locks which could only be opened with crowbars. His best made items were actually crowbars.[2]


As of 1367 DR, it was rumored Martin hired a low-level thief with a ring of invisibility to walk around stealing small items off the belts of customers in his shop. People gossiped it might be a great Waterdhavian rogue who was cursed with permanent invisibility and came into the protection of von Mensch.[2]


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