Coral was a saurial priestess who was possessed by Moander and transformed into the god's chosen servant, the Mouth of Moander.[1]


Coral's personality was twisted by Moander.[1]


On her home plane, Coral was a cleric of a goddess of luck and the lover of the paladin Dragonbait, who was a follower of the god of justice. Dragonbait tried to convert Coral, but she did not agree, and they broke off their relationship.[1]

Dragonbait arrived on Toril in 1357 DR. In 1358 DR, Moander managed to transport Coral and 100 other saurials to Toril. Coral emerged as the leader of the group and so Moander possessed her, claiming her as the "Mouth of Moander". Dragonbait and his companions met Coral and other saurials in 1360 DR[1][3] and the paladin tried to cure Coral of her possession. He seemed successful, but it was only a trap. Dragonbait could only cure Coral by killing her body to save her soul.[1]




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