King Coram II of House of Ithal-Strohm-Bormul[1] was the sixth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]


Coram II was the second-oldest grandson of King Coram I.[2] He was the fifth child and had three older sisters[3][note 1] and an older brother named Alemander I, who would also later be king.[2]


Coram was born in the Year of the Keening Gale, 1050 DR. He was crowned king in only his fifteenth year at the death of his grandfather Coram I.[2]

After a short reign of only five years for King Coram,[3][2] Teremir Bormul started a coup against him.[3] In the month of Kythorn, after a personal duel,[1] Coram II was killed by Teremir, who took the throne as Teremir II and restored the dynasty of his great-grandfather. Coram's brother Alemander would avenge his death before a year had passed.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Coram II was considered unlucky in Tethyr, since he was a fifth child. The fact that he died in the fifth year of his reign was thought to confirm this.[3]



  1. The source actually states that he was the fifth son. This article assumes that it was intended for him to be the fifth child, since he is stated to be the second grandson of Coram I elsewhere, and it is more likely for him to be crowned king as the second grandson than as the fifth.


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