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His Highness Coram Haedrak Errilam Vander Silvam Rhindaun was the first son and second child of Queen Zaranda Star and King Haedrak Rhindaun III and Prince of the Iltkazar Highlands of Tethyr.[2]


Prince Coram was the middle child of the triplets born to Zaranda. His sisters were Sybille Rhindaun and Cyriana Rhindaun. As was the tradition in Tethyr for princes and princesses, the first son always shared the first name of his father as his second name.[1]

Vander Stillhawk was the boy's regent and ruled the Iltkazar Highlands in his place. Vander was very protective of Coram.[2]

Later in life, Coram would have a daughter, Jemra Rhindaun, who would marry into the Obarskyr royal family of Cormyr.[4]


Coram and his two sisters were born in Flamerule of the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR. This was the first time there had been royal triplets in Tethyr since the reign of Queen Alisande Bormul in 832 DR.[3][5]

Within two months, the Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal sent word to Tethyr offering a marriage proposal between Coram and el Pesarkhal's granddaughter Sarya el Thamal. It is not recorded how Tethyr responded.[6]


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