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Coran was a wandering adventurer and womanizing archer of dubious virtue.[1]


He met Gorion's Ward while hunting wyverns in Cloakwood forest.[1]

Coran, along with Safana, later encountered Gorion's Ward in the Forest of Tethir.[2]

Circa 1479 DR, Coran was a stable resident of Baldur's Gate and also a member of the Parliament of Peers. Coran even had a son, Krydle, who wanted to live an adventurer's life. He met the mysteriously resurrected Minsc.[3]


He flirted shamelessly with any female, especially the sultry thief Safana. He also unknowingly fathered a half-elf child with a young sorceress named Brielbara in Baldur's Gate after a brief fling, enraging her husband.[1]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Coran is an NPC fighter/thief in the Baldur's Gate computer game. He is voiced by Brian George.

He also makes an appearance in the game Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and in the comic Legends of Baldur's Gate.


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Companions of Gorion's Ward

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