Corinna Lathankin was a half–moon elf vampire slayer in the Order of the Aster.


Corinna was short and skinny with a soft face that easily concealed the fact that she was a powerful spellcaster.


Corinna was an intense woman with a lot of energy and a loud, commanding voice.


Born the illegitimate daughter of Bhaedulph Gost, he abandoned her at the door of the Spires of the Morning. From an early age she showed strong piety toward Lathander and an almost equally strong hatred of vampires.

She became an apprentice in arcane magic to Olanhar Wands and later discovered the truth of her parentage. Her father dead, she reconnected with her half-brother Djarrus Gost and married a fellow moon elf wizard named Jandar Ilbaereth.

Fueled by Corinna's fervor and financed by her brother Djarrus, Corinna and Jandar formed the Foes of the Fang adventuring company in 1361 DR. Over the next decade, they claimed to have killed more than twenty vampires in the North. Unfortunately, fighting such creatures took its toll on the group and by 1371 DR Corinna and Jandar were the only two members who remained alive.

The two both returned to Waterdeep and joined the Order of the Aster where Corinna listened for rumors of vampires in the area and gave advice to adventurers who expected to fight such in the near future.[1]


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