Corleth Fentable was an official in Suzail.[1]


Corleth was an understeward in Cormyr's government.


Around 1479 DR, he was held in thrall by Manshoon. Together with the War Wizard of Cormyr Rorskryn Mreldrake, Corleth was summoned by Manshoon to the shop of Immaero Sraunter to receive his orders.

Later at the start of the Council of the Dragon profiting of a moment of chaos the ghost of Alusair Obarskyr possessed his body.

Next time Manshoon checked Fentable's mind he found in total disarray and decided to abandon him but meantime discovered Elminster Aumar alive.

Later he regained his mind and went to check the battle at the house of Larak Dardulkyn. There he briefly met Mirt.[1]

In 1480 DR Manshoon compelled the disgraced suspected traitor Palace Understeward to flee the palace and put Corleth in the basement of the Srauner's shop polymorphed as a mind-wiped woman in order to use him as substitute body in time of need.

At last Elminster found Manshoon and accidentally destroyed Corleth's body in the battle.[2]


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