Cormanda was a plaguechanged demon lord who, as of 1479 DR, was trapped in Mount Cormanda, a volcano located in Skelkor, Laerakond.[1]


Cormanda's lower body was fused with the stone of Mount Cormanda's lava tube.[1]


After the Spellplague sent Laerakond to Toril, Cormanda was the first individual who discovered the "new" continent. However, Cormanda got caught in a flare of Spellplague, and was transformed into a plaguechanged creature when his body fused with the volcano that was later renamed after him.[1]

As of 1479 DR, Cormanda still struggled to get free of the volcano, usually promising mortals and other creatures untold power in exchange for helping free him, and for killing those who failed or refused to help him.[1]



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