Cormick was a marshal in Neverwinter's City Watch in the 1370s DR.


Cormick was something of a local legend in the village of West Harbor. He was the first one to win all four tourneys during West Harbor's Harvest Festival. He was also a good friend of Lorne Starling, until Cormick won the harvest brawl using a tactic that Lorne considered cheating.

After the Harvest Festival, Cormick left West Harbor for Neverwinter and joined the City Watch where he showed much promise. Occasionally, Cormick would travel to Fort Locke to make sure his friend Galen returned safely from his annual trip to West Harbor. It was during one of these visits that he met the Kalach-Cha and enlisted his aid to try to convince the substitute Commander Vallis to resume patrols along the roads in the Mere of Dead Men.

Eventually, Cormick met the Kalach-Cha again, during the war with Moire's thieves on Neverwinter's Docks, where he assumed a very rigorous approach to the matter, hoping to eradicate all corruption from the Watch. This was unlike Captain Brelaina, who believed that occasionally turning a blind eye to City Watch members who took bribes from the gangs was better than having no Watch presence at all in the docks.[1]


Cormick was last seen in front of Aldanon's house after being injured by thieves in a botched burglary. Depending on the Kalach-Cha's actions, Cormick either died from his injuries or survived the ordeal. If the Kalach-Cha refused to negotiate with the thieves, Cormick died as the thieves tried to make a run for it. If the Kalach-Cha decided to negotiate and was successful, then Cormick was taken to the Temple of Tyr to heal. After a few days, the Kalach-Cha heard that Cormick had gotten up and decided to go out and get some fresh air while he was on leave recovering from his injuries.[2]



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