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Yugoloth-corruptor of fate
Corruptor of Fate
Corruptor of Fate
General Information
Type Elemental humanoid (demon)
Subtype Yugoloth

A corruptor of fate is a strange creature that brings bad luck. It favors stealth and cunning to inflict suffering. Greedy, malicious, and beholden to no standard of honor, corruptors of fate are yugoloths native to the Barrens of Doom and Despair.

They happily offer their services to the highest bidder, serving demons and devils alike in the eternal clashes of the Fiendish Planes. They enjoy nothing more than causing suffering.


A corpulent creature with sickly yellow skin wears black studded leather armor. It is armed with a short sword and shortbow. When it attacks, a smell of brimstone emanates from its body and the faint sound of rolling dice can be heard.

Corruptors of Fate in FaerûnEdit

Corruptors of fate inhabit the Barrens of Doom and Despair. They’re often found on raids into Hammergrim because of the many portals that link the two planes, and they sometimes make their way through portals to the Material Plane. Corruptor of fate clerics in Faerûn choose from the Fate, Hatred, and Luck domains.


Life for a corruptor of fate is generally one violent assignment after another. From birth, a corruptor learns to look to its own survival, even before the demands of a mercenary role.

Growing up is difficult. Older corruptors of fate torment weaker or younger creatures. A powerful yugoloth, usually of commander level or higher, sponsors each crèche. Often the stewardship of the crèche changes hands according to political machinations and upheavals in yugoloth society, which affect the growing young as well.

The constructs or undead that raise the children are far from nurturing or maternal. They are entrusted only with providing the most basic needs, little more than keeping the young safe from external threats. Guardians occasionally intervene if their young charges are liable to kill each other during sibling conflicts.

The safest course of action for a young corruptor is to avoid notice. This environment creates an ideal training ground for potential assassins: They learn the merits of stealth and disguise, and they hone their desire to kill. They come to despise all creatures, especially other corruptors of fate, and feel most at home with undead and constructs. Once it reaches maturity, a corruptor of fate leaves the crèche to begin its mercenary career. The crèche’s current patron gives a corruptor its first assignment (usually to kill one of the patron’s rivals). If the newcomer is successful, the young adult’s skills are considered sufficient to enter the assassin prestige class. If unsuccessful—a result that usually means death—the patron sends a team with a more experienced corruptor to finish the job.

A yugoloth patron uses corruptors of fate for both lethal assignments and devastating “warnings” to rivals or disobedient underlings. These “warnings” usually involve near-lethal attacks that leave the target cursed. Through regular, challenging assignments, a patron endeavors to keep a corruptor busy and content.

A corruptor of fate might occasionally decide to disobey its patron’s orders. Corruptors aren’t apt to seize power themselves, though, being happiest in service. One that goes rogue seeks a different patron, such as a fiend or a mind flayer. Corruptors prefer evil masters but aren’t picky; some even find their way into the service of an immoral ruler on the Material Plane.

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