Corvus Nightfeather was a kenku assassin and spy and the owner of Nightfeather's Circus of Wonders. He seemed to have a soft spot for outcasts such as the goliath Tobin. In addition to his circus, Corvus earned his coin by acting as a spy for various factions in southern Faerûn.[1]


Corvus had black feathers.[1]


Unlike others of an Evil Alignment, Corvus did not usually act evil. Instead he prefers to entertain others through his circus. Corvus can be classified of an evil alignment by two ways, his actions and his class. As he is an assassin, he is automatically of Evil Alignment.[citation needed] During his journey with Cephas, Corvus gave messages to both Sharokh and Acham el Jhotos. He took the one that gave him a better deal and the one that threatened to kill him first. It can be shown that while he values his own life, he does have sympathy for others. Such as taking Tobin into the circus. Corvus told Sharokh that he could kill himself if Sharokh went into his mind and that powers would bring him back. Corvus betrayed Sharokh which led to the death of Marod El Araphan.[citation needed]


Corvus could shadowstep and mimic the voices of other people.[1]


Corvus' most powerful magical item was an extradimensional space he accessed through his chest feathers. He possessed one of the two books necessary to complete the Ritual of Return to free Calim and Memnon from their imprisonment.[1]


Corvus was trained at the Rookery of Tears. He ran the Circus of Wonders, a circus traveling through southern Faerûn for a number of years. He led the rescue of Marod el Arhapan's heir, Cephas, from enslavement on the Island of the Free. He took Cephas to Almraiven where one of his employers, Acham el Jhotos, intended to enspell Cephas with deadly magic to kill Marod. When two members of the circus were abducted and taken to Calimport, Corvus traveled with Cephas and other friends to attempt a rescue. Corvus was imprisoned by his other employer Shahrokh and stripped of all his magical items. Corvus escaped Calimport when Cephas destroyed Marod's palace and gladiatorial arena.[1]





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