Cottie Cooperson was a refugee from Nesmé after the two-headed troll Proffit allied his forces with the orc king Obould Many-Arrows to overrun the small town.

In the original battle over Nesmé, Cottie Cooperson lost her child and husband and was forced to flee the town alone with only a small group of survivors. They fled to the safety of Mithril Hall, where she met Delly Curtie.

While in Mithril Hall, Cottie Cooperson helped Delly Curtie with raising Colson. After the dwarves took back the east side of the mountain to the Surbrin, Delly, controlled by the sword Khazid'hea, gave Colson to Cottie while she was on the ferry about to cross the river. Cottie took the child in with her and then lied when questioned about it later, saying that Delly just wanted the child away from the fighting.[1]


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