Council Mage of Cormyr is a Prestige class whose members belong to Cormyr's Council of Mages. While the War Wizards mostly honed their powers on the battlefield, the Council Mages would serve and protect the Royal Family directly. They craft the magical items used by the royals and place any magical defenses the crown deems necessary. They advise the royals on matters arcane and are tasked with hunting down and defeating the most potent magical threats to Cormyr. All Council Mages must first be invited to become one of their number and then must swear a blood oath to never harm Cormyr or her crown (in that order).

Abilities Edit

Cooperative casting
Council mages work closely with one another and quickly learn how to best use teamwork when they cast spells.
Improved spell aquisition
Council mages have unlimited access to a library of spells from well over a millenia of powerful wizard's spellbooks. Their own spellbooks are subsequently more full than most other wizards.
Item Creation feat
As the magical armorers of the royal family and the Cormyrean armed forces, council mages learn how to craft a wider variety of items.
Focused Dispel
Persistant magical areas such as the Helmlands and magical traps laid by the Witchlords of Wyvernwater are still a problem, even in a modern Cormyr. Council mages must deal with such things and have learned a few tricks to make this task easier.
Sending spell
Used to ferry important messages in a very short time.