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The Council of Elders are the rulers of Everlund.[1]

Positions of the CouncilEdit

First Elder 
The Elder voted by the other elders to represent them, currently (1372 DR) held by Kayl Moorwalker.
High Priest of Corellon Larethian 
Currently (1372 DR) held by Yeshelne Amrallatha, the High Priest of Corellon Larethian who is considered by most to be the leader of the elves in Everlund.
Keeper of the Bridges 
Currently (1372 DR) held by Malvin Draga.
High Captain 
Commander of the army of Everlund. Currently (1372 DR) held by Kayl Moorwalker who is also the First Elder
High Sorcerer 
Most powerful of the mages. Currently (1372 DR) held by Vaeril Rhuidhen.
Master of Guilds 
Represents the merchants of Everlund. Currently (1372 DR) held by Borun Fendelben.
Speaker of the Town 
Elected from the citizens of Everlund to represent the commonfolk. Currently (1372 DR) held by Sindyl Omoghael, who is in the middle of her second term.


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