1479 DREdit

Members of the formerly anonymous council now rule openly. The five council positions are held by: House Selemchant who sponsors the Cowled Wizards of Athkatla, House Dannihyr which belongs to the Shadow Thieves, House Alibakkar, House Ophal and House Nashivaar which is closely allied with the Church of Cyric.[1]

1372 DREdit

The Council of Six is the mysterious, anonymous group that rules over the nation of Amn, their goal being to keep money flowing through the country at all costs. It is based in the Council House, a fortress-like structure in Athkatla.[2]

Each member is ranked in hierarchy with the highest having the most seniority. They are, from highest to lowest, Meisarch, Tessarch, Namarch, Iltarch, Pommarch and Dahaunarch. When a member of the council dies, every member below them will move up a rank and a new Dahaunarch is elected from among the wealthiest and thus most powerful merchant families of Amn. There have only been eleven rulers since the creation of the council in 1333 DR.[2]


The council's members choose to remain anonymous. This has the effect of shrouding the council in fear and mystery, but more importantly it protects them from assassination, bribery and manipulation. It is illegal to speak or write the identity of any members of the council. The punishment is a torturous death.[2]


The various duties of governance are delegated to each individual member of the council, their word being law except to higher-ranking members.

The senior-most member of, along with primary speaker for, the council is responsible for keeping an eye on adventurers and unregistered wizards located throughout Amn and preventing monopolies of business from forming.
The Tessarch oversees the judicial branch of the government of Amn and mediates problems between mercantile families, typically with the use of intimidation.
Responsible primarily for all importing conducted in Amn, the Namarch along with the Pommarch, is also charged with maintaining trade routes and regulating taxes and tariffs.
Intelligence is the primary concern of the Iltarch of Amn, using agents (including the Shadow Thieves) to spy on the interests of Amn.
Along with shared responsibilities with the Namarch, the Pommarch is responsible for exportation in Amn.
The Dahaunarch commands the military forces of Amn.

Council membersEdit





  • Rhinnom Dannihyr (1362 onwards)
  • Phaan Colwyvv (1345-1362)
  • Curkon Gheldieg (1333-1345)




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