The Court District was one of the wards of Huzuz, the City of Delights.[1]


The Court District was the wealthiest section of Huzuz. It encompassed the royal palace and had a splendid view of the Golden Mosque.[1]

Since anyone of note, and wealth, desired to live in the Court District, the influx of inhabitants caused builders to elevate their construction in the form of beautiful towering minarets that could be found throughout this section of the city.[1]

The Court District was virtually surrounded by many other districts; including the Craft District to the north, the East District to the east, the Affluent District to the south, and the Pilgrims' District to the west.[2][3]

Major roads within the Court District included:[2][3]


This district housed a myriad of personalities including wealthy merchants, mysterious sorcerers, and nobles of the court.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit



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