The Court of Rorn was a religious cult dedicated to the primordial Rorn, that operated in Fimbrul, Laerakond.[1]


The Court of Rorn goal was to prepare the world for the awakening of Rorn. In order to do that, its members sought to cripple the dragon hegemony of Laerakond, and also tried to control at least the lesser dragon nobles. They also tried to destroy the gods, and studied them and their followers.[1]


The Court of Rorn was composed of earth giants, who were the most high ranking members of the organization. Below them was a legion of servant creatures of any race, spies, informants, cultists, and sellswords across Laerakond, many who were not aware that they were working for a primordial. Members of the Court of Rorn also employed prehistoric beasts such as felljaws, haraevors, and tentacled torments, who were preserved since ancient times by Rorn itself.[1]

Rorn was the nominal leader of the Court, and although he was capable of commune with its members, due to its sleeping state members the Court of Rorn acted on their own.[1]


The Court of Rorn was founded by the earth giants followers of Rorn after the Spellplague transported Laerakond to the world of Toril.[1]


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