Coyo was a Nexalan general of history.


Under the rule of Zomoc, Coyo was the chief general of the Revered Councilor. He was tasked with the mission of subjugating the fierce Kolan tribes. Coyo accomplished the task but Zomoc grew jealous and so plotted against him with the patriarch of Zaltec.

At the peak of the celebration, the patriarch announced a very special honor for Coyo: he would offer his heart to the god. Meanwhile, the patriarch cast a spell to confuse Coyo's mind so the great general went voluntarily to the altar, where he was sacrificed.

Zomoc was pleased, despite the fact Coyo had always been loyal to him. However, in time, Zomoc descended into paranoia, always suspecting someone of plotting against him. After five years, Zomoc died in his sleep with his face distorted by horror. His successor was Itzo, the nephew of Coyo.[1]



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