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A swarm of crawling claws was made from the hands of some 300 small- and medium-sized humanoids. This construct acted like a swarm of insects, but perhaps with even less intelligence. Nevertheless, it was quite disturbing when viewed first hand.[2]


Using their fingers as legs, the hands crawled toward whatever they sensed as a target and swarmed over it. They could also leap six feet (1.8 m) vertically. The swarm had no discernible front, back, or central body.[2]


A swarm of crawling claws had only enough intelligence to perform simple guard duty or similar tasks.[2]


As sightless and nearly mindless constructs, crawling claws had some distinct advantages in combat. They were unaffected by illusions, gaze attacks, and other sight-related attacks. They were immune to disease, poison, stun, sleep, paralysis, death effects, necromancy effects, energy drain, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, and mind-based effects such as phantasms, patterns, charm, compulsion, and morale effects. They could not be effectively harmed by spells that targeted one creature or a limited number of creatures. They could not be turned, flanked, subdued, tripped, grappled, bull-rushed, or critically hit and took only half damage from piercing and slashing weapons.[2]

The swarm attacked a single opponent at a time, using sheer numbers to overwhelm a target. When first encountered up close, any living creature susceptible to being damaged by the crawling claw was possibly nauseated to the point of distraction, unable to take action or cast a spell. If the victim was prone, the crawling claw did double damage.[2]

The crawling claw was particularly vulnerable to area-effect and grenade-like attacks.[2]


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