Create soundstaff was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


This spell diminished noise by gathering it into a special staff. The staff was planted into the ground or affixed to a structure when cast, creating a sphere of peace and quiet that lasted for 60 days.[1]

The staff muffled any form of sonic attack, causing greatly decreased negative effects.[1]

If the staff was removed from its location before the 60th or after the 61st day, then all magic stored within was lost. The staff needed to be reset on precisely the 60th day in order to function again when the spell was cast. Staves removed on the 60th day could function as a weapon that emitted a sonic cone-shaped blast similar to power word, stun.[1]


This spell required a staff of dark wood with a white or blue stone worth at least 300 gp to cast.[1]



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