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Cree was a shadar-kai warrior living in the city of Ikemmu on the Shadowfell side.[1]


He was a brother of Skagi and a close friend of Ashok.[1]


In 1479 DR, Cree journeyed with Skagi, Ashok, and Vedoran to a shadar-kai enclave in the Shadowfell on a mission to rescue the witch Ilvani. In 1480 DR, he traveled with a caravan to Rashemen to discover the source of the visions that were haunting Ilvani.[2]


Cree was small and wiry and had close-cropped brown hair and a pair of scimitar tattoos on his temples. One of his eyes had been destroyed by a shadow snake, and he placed a tattoo of a snake over his missing eye.[2]


Cree dual-wielded katar daggers.[1]


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