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The Crescent Blade was a magical sword created by the goddess Eilistraee.[1]


The blade was curved, resembling a crescent moon attached to a leather hilt. The blade's enchantments included moonlight -- it could cut through armor and stone --- protection against evil, and being able to strike quickly. If the wielder was a true priestess, she could use it to sever the neck of any creature, including gods.[1]

There was silver inlaid in the blade. On it were Drow words that translated to "Be your heart filled with light and your cause be true; I shall not fail you."[2]

When wielded, the Crescent Blade spouted crimson fire.[3]


It was said that Eilistraee plucked a pebble from the heavens and tossed it to earth. It grew as large as a boulder and very hot. It was made of moonmetal; if you look at the moon, you can see a hole in the shape of a crescent. The boulder was forged into a crescent-shaped blade with enchantments.[1]

The Crescent Blade was wielded by Mathira Melarn, one of Halisstra Melarn's ancestors and an Eilistraeean Sword Dancer from Ched Nasad. Mathira was last seen in Harrowdale, making her way to Black Feather Bridge.[4]

About 1373 DR, Halisstra Melarn, a new convert to the clergy of Eilistraee, was charged with recovering the Crescent Blade and using it to slay the goddess Lolth herself. Halisstra, secretly followed by Ryld Argith, found the blade in the belly of a purple worm that swallowed Halisstra. She was able to use the blade to cut her way free.[5]

Halisstra made her way to the new Demonweb Pits, where she was confronted by Danifae Yauntyrr, to be the Yor'thae of Lolth. During the fight, the Crescent Blade was broken and left where it fell.[6]

The blade was recovered by the Darksong Knight Cavatina Xarann. The blade's awesome power was used by Cavatina to sever the neck of the demigod Selvetarm [7] and by Halisstra Melarn, who was tricked by the Balor Wendonai into beheading Qilué Veladorn, while the latter was being possessed by her goddess Eilistraee (who was presumably killed in the process too) [8].



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