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In the Heralds of Faerûn organization, the office of Crescentcoat was one of the High Heralds. This office was primarily responsible for training the local Heralds and was also given the difficult task of presenting all sides of issues brought up for debate among the High Heralds.[1] Crescentcoat traditionally played the role of "devil's advocate" to ensure the council came to their conclusions honestly after considering the ramifications of each aspect.[2] Although not a solid tradition, this office was filled by a female more often than not.[3] The residence of this office was a fortification known as Moonrise Towers on the banks of the River Chionthar west of Elturel.[1]


This office derived its name from a beautiful cloth-of-silver tabard woven with a pattern of interlocking crescent moons. In addition to a regal appearance, the garment gave the wearer the power of a ring of shooting stars. The rod of office was made of ivory enchanted to be harder than adamantine and with the same function as a rod of smiting.[1]

Office HoldersEdit


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