Cressaed Wood was a Cormyrian bard who wrote A Harper's Companion, a series of three songbooks.[1]


Cressaed lived around 1200 DR, as a bard, but preferred music and teaching over adventuring. Once he had a name for himself, he founded a music and magic school in Arabel, Cormyr, and his work, A Harper's Companion, was his teaching tool for students. Cressaed preferred to teach smaller groups, and copied each volume by hand.[1]

Upon graduation from his school, each student was presented with a copy of the first volume of A Harper's Companion, and the other two were presented to students who showed increasing magical and musical skill.[1]

Cressaed was found dead in his bed, a victim of poison, and there were suspicions that he was killed because he was believed to be a Harper. No Harper officially stated whether Cressaed was himself a Harper or not.[1]



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