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Crommower Pwent was a dwarven battlerager and a dear friend and traveling companion of Gandalug Battlehammer, the First King of Mithril Hall.[1][note 1]


"I hate wizards," the dwarf muttered a second time, and he heaved the dead drow off his head, leaped up, and charged again, smoking and fuming.
  — R.A. Salvatore, The Legacy[3]

Crommower was a dirty dwarf with a black beard and a clean-shaven head to secure the spiked helmet on his head. He wore bladed armor and boasted the furious battlerager mentality.[4]


Around -643 DR,[5] Gandalug Battlehammer left Mithril Hall with Crommower and the two adventurers descended into the depths under the dwarven stronghold.[6]

While exploring, they ran into drow soldiers, including Yvonnel Baenre, and Crommower died slaying many enemies.[2]



  1. Judging by his clan name and relationship to Gandalug, Crommower appears to be a relative, if not a direct ancestor, of Thibbledorf Pwent.




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