Crystal Orbs were magical artifacts that could be found in Halruaa,[2] and was the primary means of communication for the Netyarch's rule over the nation.[1]


The first of these items were believed to be created by the legendary archmage Halruaa himself. These orbs have been around for the entire time that Halruaa has been a country.[2]

Many of these orbs were rumored to exist in Halruaa's past, but as of 1367 DR Zalathorm Kirkson possessed the only remaining orb.[2] During his reign, it was located in the palatial tower in Halarahh.[1]


With this item a user could contact up to 500 other individuals. The user needed only to attune the orb to the desired contact. Zalathorm Kirkson had his orb attuned to every member of the Council of Elders so that a single command word would connect them. The person being contacted could refuse the contact if they desired or were in deep concentration.[2]

Additionally, the orb created an image of the speaker, serving as a meeting organizer by only allowing one person to speak at any given time.[2]

The orb was also enchanted with a teleport object spell. If anyone attempted to tamper with it's resting place, they would trigger it's transportation to the sanctuary of Mystra at Mount Talath and unknowingly notify the Netyarch.[1]

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