The Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye was dedicated to bringing the evil god Tharizdun, an interloper god from the Oerth universe who was imprisoned in the Abyss, into Faerûn. The cult was related to the Church of All Tomorrows, an Oghman heresy that believed its followers should be able to foresee the future.


The cult first appeared in 1340 DR in Akanûl when that country was part of Chessenta. It was destroyed shortly thereafter, possibly with the help of Mystra. In 1479 DR, the cult re-emerged and infiltrated the Firestorm Cabal in Airspur when the demon and cult leader Murmur possessed the body of a high-ranking officer of the cabal. The cult used the vaults underneath the cabal's headquarters to practice its rituals which included human sacrifice.[1]

The deva Demascus was assigned by Oghma to disrupt the cult's activities. With several rogue allies, he killed Murmur and later Kalkan.[1]


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