Curkon Gheldieg was Namarch on the Council of Six in Amn from 1345 DR until his death in 1362 DR. He was the Lord of House Gheldieg from 1317 DR and before Namarch, he was the Iltarch from 1333-1345.[1]


Curkon had been a fighter by trade, but his success led him to become overindulgent and obese. He relied on being carried around by his servants. His main skill lay in his ability to tie together seemingly unrelated pieces of information to keep lesser houses down. This dealing in information involved a relationship with the Shadow Thieves, but he was taken out by Rhinnom Dannihyr, who shared similar talents.[1]


Curkon's daughter was Vyma Gheldieg, and she controversially married Pehllus Tanislove soon after Curkon's death.[1]



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